Magic Anvil

Where Anything Can Be Made

We of the Ironblood, are driven to create magic.

What seems impossible to others, we see it as a goal.

The spark of inspiration fires our imagination.

Our hands shape a story.

And our skill delivers it, in any format,

whether it be, Film, Novel, html, Graphic Art or Game.

With future prediction of job losses due to automation, we at MagicAnvil feel that this is the time to prepare and fore warn the future generation. We are undergoing a massive reconstruction, heading towards content creation and entertainment.

We believe there will be only three areas of employment in one hundred years’ time. They will be the military, engineering and entertainment. Most of us here, have done our time, and as we have life experience, some good, some fantastic and some so dark, we would never wish them on anyone else.

We believe the future will be bright and amazing. The military will always be needed. As they are tough, adventurous and willing to serve and defend justice.

Engineering comprises those that can design and build. We will need engineers in all facets of life. They are our doctors, scientists, software specialists, designers and builders.

But for those who have had the life experiences of luck or misfortune, we in content creation will show, educate and entertain. We are the artists, the teachers, the writers and the creatives.

We feel that there is a fundamental shift on our planet and for those who refuse to let go, they may fall but we won’t leave them behind. There have been way too many Apocalypse stories, stories of death and destruction. This saddens us. As we believe the future will be what we all hope for. Less financial stress. More freedom to do those things we choose and time for family and friends. These things amount to a Utopia.

If you are, a person who wants to have the freedom to experience love, joy and true bliss without being lazy, without the demand for respect, without the need to dominate and without the need to force your ideologies on the public, we would like to hear from you.

We are storytellers, artists, filmmakers and content creators in a religious and political free environment. We have skill but limited resources. We do not promise a life of luxury. We do not promise that every whim will be satisfied. But we do promise to support and care for those who are trying to achieve.

We are working on a hub of fact checked information and light entertainment. Hopefully, if all goes well this will be up and running by January 2021.